Thesportster contributor form: write for pay online.

Thesportster contributor form

TheSportster as the name implies, is a website that talks about sports. From their website they have stated the category of sport they talk about which are NFL, NHL, MBA MLB and MMA.

They are giving you the chance to earn from your content writing skill online, cause sometimes when we write offline, the pay isn’t always much but TheSportster have made their application open to everyone interested in writing about sports under the category stated above, and get paid for your content.

Who can write?

Currently, from TheSportster contributor form nobody is limited! Though your writing skill must be good so as to get your content approved by the site admin.

The application is open to everyone and to you that is confident enough. They have stated that in process of applying, you must submit 3 contents that you propose should be accepted, and if eventually your application is accepted, then you can now let the cash roll in.

Who can fill TheSportster contributor form?

TheSportster has a good ranking according to meaning that your article should be good enough to move the website forward, this includes your SEO and readability. If all these is in order then you can fill the form.

What can I write about?

Well, their website have clearly stated some category of sports of which soccer is included. You can write and submit a content under soccer, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, college basketball, college football, MMA and racing. So if you are a fan of these sports, this is your chance to earn from talking about your favourite sport.

Your content should be lengthy and not boring for you to be accepted into their contributor scheme, you’re allowed to make research so as to produce an unbeatable content for their website.

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