Talentdesire: write and earn online.

Talentdesire.com is a website that pays you based on your writing and typing skill. Though they are new, they stand out to be a trusted website where you as an individual can earn $3-$10 a day from just typing or writing an article.

Who can apply?

As stated in heir website, anyone that is good in typing and writing English is eligible to apply.

Followed by, you must be 16years of age or above to be eligible to apply as stated in their website.

How much can I make from Talentdesire?

They have stated on her website that the minimum amount you’ll make at month end is $1125 after a guaranteed work.

They also have pay rates with different levels which is also included in their site.

This is a little preview of what’s stated on their website.

$3.0015 pages/day (6 Hours/Day Work)$45.00
$3.6015 pages/day (6 Hours/Day Work)$54.00
$4.5015 pages/day (6 Hours/Day Work)$67.50
$6.0015 pages/day (6 Hours/Day Work)$90.00
BeginnerUS $0.010US $3.00, When You Type 300 words in a Page
IntermediateUS $0.012US $3.60, When You Type 300 words in a Page
ProfessionalUS $0.015US $4.50, When You Type 300 words in a Page
ExpertsUS $0.020US $6.00, When You Type 300 words in a Page

From this table, you make money based on how long you are online typing and writing . This is one of the best websites I’ve seen cause of their great pay rates.


A fast internet connection,

Basic knowledge of internet and English

Minimum 30-50 words per minute typing speed on the computer.

You must be at least 16 years old or above, Secondary or High School Diploma.

These are the requirements as stated on their website.

How much do I need to join Talentdesire online typing job?

The only investment involved in this online job is your time.

Registration is absolutely FREE! There is No hidden cost before or after the joining, And we donā€™t ask about Investment to you on any stage.

As stated on the website.

How do I receive money from Talentdesire?

PayPal is always the option! For easy money withdrawal from Talentdesire, I will advise you to use PayPal. If there are more payment method(s) I will update this post.

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