Siteground affiliate program: enjoy the siteground affiliate payout

Siteground affiliate program is designed as a golden opportunity for those into affiliate marketing and also those that will love to earn from affiliate marketing.

Siteground is a web hosting company like Godaddy and namecheap, founded on 22nd march 2004. This online hosting company has gotten a lot of positive reviews from its users in the past years, and that is why you should join the siteground affiliate program.

Siteground affiliate payout

In years past, siteground has always met the needs of their affiliate in terms of payout. siteground affiliate commission is the little token you get paid according to how much sign ups you get via your affiliate link.

According to,

1-5sales/month – $50/sale

6-10sales/month – $75/sale

11-20sales/month – $100/sale.

This payout is like the best I’ve seen so far from any affiliate company.


Who can join the Siteground affiliate program?

Currently anyone can participate in this affiliate program because it has proven to be a real deal. All you need to do is to join via the Siteground affiliate link>>> you can do this by using your email.

After signing up, get your affiliate link and start sharing it, make sure you get people that get their sites hosted in Siteground via your link. You can either create a blog to ease the process or you use social media marketing skill to advertise your link. This will also bring you higher chances of getting sales.

Siteground affiliate terms.

Some terms have been clearly stated on their website, you must also try to adhere to these terms to avoid to your account from getting banned by he company. Failure to adhere to these rules and terms stated on the website will lead your account to a dead end.

Here is the link, having all the terms you must keep to while in the program >>>


How will I be paid?

Good question! You will be paid via your PayPal account, as stated on the website. Your affiliate commission will be sent to your PayPal account.

You will also need a PayPal account during the registration process.


You can always join this program at your time.


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