Perviewpays: Get paid for watching videos online.

Perviewpays is the latest online platform to make money from just watching videos online. They have been paying all their users and are still willing to pay you.

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How do I earn from Perviewpays?

In Perviewpays, you just need to spend a little time by watching videos online in the platform, and get credited in your account on the platform for every video you watch to the end.

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Who can join the platform?

Currently, anybody can sign up. Why is because I came across a section on the platform where you can put in your PayPal details to receive funds. This I believe will be for the foreigners.

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But if you are a Nigerian, then this is for you. I am bringing this platform to you because it is different from the other platform like NNU, Newspay e.t.c with their method of wat thing video, it is believed that if you fulfil the task, your payment is sure!

How much do I need to register on the platform?

Registration on the platform is absolutely free. Anyone can register without being bothered of how much to pay and start earning.

They have made the platform very easy to access, all you need to do is to sign up with your email, confirm your email, put in your bank account details and start watching videos to earn.

More ways to earn from Perviewpays.

They have made it possible and easy for their users to earn big apart for just watching videos. They added the “Refer a friend” section where you actually get the chance to want from referral. This means getting people registered in the platform via your link. By this method, you can actually earn huge backed up with the videos you watch online.

Perviewpays payout system.

They have a minimum amount that you should reach to qualify you for withdrawal. As a user you must attain he minimum of $3 or N1500. This qualifies you for withdrawal.

So don’t take chances and miss out on this, remember registration is free!

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