MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat 26/09/2018

This is a sponsored post from webmasters, bringing you the latest browsing tweak for your device.

Note: MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat+date is only for MTN users.

TheĀ MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat+date is a new one and is still burning in town and you should be a part of the heat. Use these steps to configure your device for theĀ MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat+date.

Steps for theĀ MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat+date

1: Download http injector app from the link provided

2:Ā You can click here toĀ Download the configĀ fileĀ fileĀ for the MTN unlimited or download from google drive here contact for renewed file (08165119072, 08111850334, 07068103941)

3:Ā Install the downloaded app from step one above

4:Ā Ā Click on the file button (at the top right right corner of the app)

MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat+date

5: Click on import config then locate the file from step two above

MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat+date

6:Ā Then tick start ssh and Dns

7:Ā Click the big start button and choose yes as the vpn prompt up

8:Ā Yeah once a key sign appears at the top of your device, you are ready to browse the internet.

MTN 0.0kb 1.5gb cheat+date


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