It has been a while we heard of the Kanye-Drake beef in the month of October 2018, but just few hours ago, the beef is up again.

Kanye – Drake

Just recently, Kanye West tweeted a screen capture of an instant message he got claiming that Drake was hoping to clear “Say What’s Real,” a Kanye-testing melody from 2009’s So Far Gone.

source @kanyewest twitter

It’s vague why Drake was evidently looking for the sample clearance.
Kanye tweeted a series of tweets demanding an apology from Drake. This reignited their fued from earlier this year.

In October, Drake claimed in an interview that Kanye was the source behind Pusha-T’s information from the diss track “The Story of Adidon.”

In his numbers of tweets, Kanye referenced an obvious diss from Drake that released not long ago and Drake’s alleged job in the occurrence at Pusha-T’s Toronto show.

Not long after, Kanye tweeted that Drake called, including, “Mission achieved.” He included that he won’t clear the example.


SOURCE @Kanyewest

The Kanye – Drake beef has been trending on social media since the beginning of the feud. Therefore, this has got fans reacting in numerous ways on their keyboard and devices lashing out numbers of tweets to the celebrities .

The present advancements are only the most recent in Drake and Kanye’s history with one another this year.

On September 20, Kanye posted on Instagram recordings where he condemned Drake for alluding to Kim Kardashian West on “In My Feelings.”

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