Dino chrome: Fun time in Google chrome browser

Dino chrome also know as T-rex game is a game put in Google chrome to keep you entertained whenever there is a bad network or faulty connection. It is found in the homepage of your chrome browser when you have a faulty connection or trying to access an invalid web page.

Dino chrome

Dino chrome

This game can be accessed in Google chrome browser both on your personal computer and your android device.

How to access Dino chrome game on android and PC

On android,

  • Open Google chrome,
  • Don’t turn on your mobile network or wi-fi
  • When you see the dinosaur,
  • Tap on the dinosaur..and enjoy T-rex game!

On your Personal Computer (PC),

  • Open Google chrome,
  • Don’t turn on connect to any network,
  • When you see the dinosuar
  • Press space button (the longest key on the keyboard) or Enter button…Enjoy!

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