DHL affiliate program: sign up with DHL near me

DHL affiliate program is a program you should partake in because right now, their recruitment is open, you can use the search term “DHL near me”, to locate a DHL service close to you. By partaking in the DHL afiiliate program, you automatically become a DHL service point partner and they have benefits to as many that will want to join in their affiliate program.

DHL affiliate program benefits

They have benefits attached to affiliating with DHL and they have stated it on their website.

Based on how popular DHL is, DHL SERVICE POINT can help your store become a focal point for customers looking for range of service and convenience. Also know that itā€™s easy to set up and a great way to increase customer footfall and turnover. Whatā€™s more a DHL SERVICE POINT brings an internationally renowned brand to your store. Your customers will not only enjoy DHLā€™s trusted shipping service, they will benefit from free online tracking, robust packaging and transparent pricing.
Providing access to the worldā€™s leading delivery specialists from your own store is much easier than you think. Also, weā€™ll include of course details of your own store or chain of stores in our online SERVICE POINT Locator, which is used by our customers and Customer Service teams alike, around the world.

Sign up with DHL near me

To partake in this program, you can apply online by filling the form online and submitting it. There are also important things that you must have before partaking in this program, which will stand as a qualification for you. you will be required to have the following:

Trading Name*

Number of Stores*

First Address Line 1*

Second Address Line 2

Third Address Line 3

Zip Code/Postcode

Country *

Contact Name *

Telephone Number *

Email Address *

Confirm Email Address *

Store Website *

These are the necessary requirements when signing up with DHL affiliate program. they also have their DHL aprtner career requirements, which are:

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