Creating a lifestyle blog

Hello friends! Right here in this post I’ll be telling us my reason for creating a lifestyle blog. Let’s go! Okay first of all, I knew how to create a blog and I have always loved having a lifestyle blog, so I took my time and made research about lifestyle blog ideas. Yeah, some articles were very helpful to me concerning starting a lifestyle blog, after reading and reading all over the internet about lifestyle blogs and best lifestyle blogs, I came across an article on, she really broke down the whole “lifestyle blog” thing. And so I’m also giving her a credit for contributing to the existence of my blog ( Yeah, after reading her post, next thing I thought of was “blog names” at least “unique blog names”. It got so frustrating that I started thinking of looking for a blog name generator because it was so very annoying. Using my name was cool but my name is too long I mean it could possibly piss of my readers or visitors, so I kept searching for good blog names and blog name ideas that would sound nice to my readers and visitors. On the other hand, the name needed to also sound creative, so, along the line, I also included “creative blog names” in my search for blog names. It took me weeks though, trying to figure out a good blog name for my lifestyle blog, I was almost out of search, I decided to search about “top lifestyle blogs”, yeah the blog names list I saw was great it also helped me, it gave me inspiration about how to go about choosing a blog name, a blog name can be generated from what you love, your best animal, your best TV station (this is rare), anything connected to you, even an experience you had can even contribute in given you a good blog name. that’s what I learnt from that search. So after this searches, I thought of the animal I love, the “Panda”, viola! I was almost set, but I couldn’t just put up or panda.this or panda.that, I had to spice it up a little so I continued my search but this time around I started searching for “best blog names” I also asked my friends and family they helped me out, they gave me cool suggestions cool lifestyle blog names that had “panda” attached to it, then I knew I was very close to seeing my dream of creating a lifestyle blog come to life. I went on to create a blog, at after thinking of “panda” and I asked my bro, if he had any suggestions, and that was when the “dehappypanda” was created. Yeappy! I went on to create the blog. I successfully created dehappypanda and went straight to research on “how to start a successful blog” cause it is one thing to create a blog and another thing to be successful in it. This search included “making money from a blog” but note: don’t blog because of the money, instead blog out of passion. in other for me to be successful in my lifestyle blog, I went on to find on the internet “popular lifestyle blogs” and also “successful lifestyle blogs” this helped me and is still helping me. I believe that there are still most popular lifestyle blogs out there that I’m yet to discover. So as a blogger, whatever your niche (field of blogging, or what your blog is about) is, try to hook up with successful bloggers and also the ones that are popular in your niche. I traced up best lifestyle blogs 2016 and also best lifestyle blogs 2017 and best lifestyle blog 2018 so far. It’s not all about “how to start a blog” but also “how to maintain and be successful in it”.

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Creating a lifestyle blog

  • Creating a lifestyle blog gives freedom to post at large.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog gives freedom to post under categories.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog allows you to also express self and also impact lives.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog has lets hear peoples opinion.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog also gives opportunity to watch people air out their views concerning certain things in life.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog, I’ve being able to target so many areas in life.
  • Chances to learn a lot from creating a lifestyle blog.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog, you can share what you love.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog lets us connect with ourselves.
  • Creating a lifestyle blog is the best thing

So friends these are reasons why optin for a lifestyle blog is a good idea. If you want blog about what you love, don’t stop at owning a personal blog, but instead go for owning a lifestyle blog. If you have any reasons for and benefit of going for a lifestyle blog, drop it in the comment box.



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