Blessthislist: write and get paid online business.

Blessthislist now allows individuals that have good skill in writing for blogs/ website. As said earlier in my previous post, there are websites that give you chance to write for them and Blessthislist is one of those sites.

How much is Blessthislist paying?

Well, according to their website, they promise to pay you as much as $100 for your efforts based on your content and how quality it is.

Who can apply to write?

Blessthislist so far, haven’t limited their write and get paid scheme to any particular type of persons, this means anybody can apply but sure thing there is you should be a good writer and tour content should be able to take the site to another level.

They have rules to keep and follow, failure to keep these rules automatically disqualifies you as a writer on their platform.

What am I writing about?

According to their website, “you don’t need to be an expert; you just need to have great English, great sense of humour and love for things unusual or interesting”.

Your content must be lengthy for it to be approved and bring you cash because each article gets over 500k+ views monthly and no website will like to produce a very poor article to its readers. This is one of the rules to maintain.

On reviewing their site, blessthislist have different blog topics they allow on their website like facts, misconception, science, new discovery and things people don’t know about. This headings alone are good enough to bring in more readers. So your write should fall under any of these so that your article will be accepted without a problem.

Applying for blessthislist: write and get paid

To apply, all you need to do is to follow this link>>> and read and understand their rules very well before submitting an application. After reviewing, if your post is good, it will be approved of otherwise you’ll need to edit it. So apply now!

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