Amazon affiliate phone verification in Nigeria solved!

Amazon affiliate phone verification in Nigeria is the major problem most Nigerians face when signing up for the affiliate program, but I will show you how I verified my account in 5 minutes.

So I made research on the “Amazon affiliate phone verification in Nigeria” and I came across and tried the method of the articles I saw online but they did not work and I believe most persons are having the same problem now. So I am sharing a new method I used to verify my affiliate account for you to use and get your affiliate account verified in few minutes.

To verify your affiliate account in Nigeria, you need a number from the US or Europe which is not easy to get because you are in Nigeria, people recommend the Textplus app, but it feels like that method does not work normally. From my trials, I can say the app involves money which I believe most Nigerians are not ready to pay.

Amazon affiliate phone verification in Nigeria

Amazon affiliate phone verification in Nigeria solved!

Since we now know that to verify amazon affiliate in Nigeria, we’ll need a white number, this is what you should do to get your account verified in minutes:

Note: This method involves Facebook.

  1. Sign into your existing Amazon affiliate account or sign up for a new one here,
  2. Continue with your Nigerian number until you reach the Identity Verification,
  3. Go to Facebook,
  4. Join an American group,
  5. Get to chat with an active group member of that group,
  6. Be friendly and tell him/her about your verification (There is no harm in doing so),
  7. Get his/her number and fill in the Identity verification box,
  8. Tell him/her to pick the call from amazon,
  9. Give him/her the pin showing on your screen,
  10. Tell him/her to dial the pin while the call is on (in the phone dialer)
  11. Alternatively, if you have a white person on your friends list just do step 6-10.

The process looks long, but this is how I got my account verified very fast.

Amazon affiliate phone verification in Nigeria

If you have difficulties doing this, indicate in the comment box or contact me here.


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