Access bank recruitment 2019

Access bank recruitment 2019 is on going, and you will not like to miss it. I will be listing the Access bank recruitment process here, although they have made it a strict registration process but, read on>>>

Is it your wish to work in a bank or do you wish to answer a banker? well this is also for you. Access bank is a bank that is popular and people trust in it. It is a popular financial institution nationally and internationally. Popular in 9 countries in the whole of Africa and also popular in The UK. So when applying, you should know that they have a highly skilled, disciplined and ethical workforce. And they recruit promising talent and groom them to become strong professional with affinity for leadership.

The Access bank recruitment process

During this process, you as an applicant will need to undergo training for four to five(4-5) months which will also add up as a part of your application to show how effective you are in working. Like we know already, “To whom much is given, much is expected”. What they expect is that this program will enable successful applicants acquire useful skills and competencies in their  business areas and service offerings. This will also position high-performing interns for future employment opportunities. They are looking to hire young graduates with strong motivation to learn and work with their team of professionals in order to gain insight and practical knowledge of their business practices.

Benefits of applying for access bank recruitment 2019

In our quest to retain the best pool of exceptional talents in the industry, the Bank consistently rewards high-performing employees and teams with adequate monetary and non-monetary compensation. This practice has had a significant impact in spurring our people to greater personal and organizational achievement.

Access bank recruitment 2019

Application is done online at after which you will be invited for a written test firstly then if successful, you are close to getting employed. undergo the remaining 2 interviews, which determines your success. The rules when applying is straight:

Access Bank Entry Level Training Programme

After you’ve sent in your application online, our recruitment process entails the following steps:
Step 1: Candidates that meet the Bank’s requirements will receive an invite for a test.
Step 2: An open day at our head office for all successful candidates. This is an event of interactive activities where you’ll be given further insight into what we do at Access Bank.
Step3: A psychometric test, essay writing exercise, and panel interview.
Step 4: Final interview with the Head of Human resources.
Step 5: Training school offer letters sent to successful candidates.

Stated requirements for Access bank recruitment 2019:

A graduate with a minimum of a second class upper division from a university acceptable to the bank, NYSC certificate and a maximum age of 24 years for Bachelor degree holders, 26 years for lawyers with a law degree.
A graduate with a minimum of a second class lower from a university acceptable to the bank, NYSC certificate,a Masters’ degree from top tier Universities acceptable to the Bank and a maximum age of 26 years.

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