5 female bloggers to follow

Female bloggers are a set of very unique bloggers. like they say, “What a man can do, a woman can do and even do better”. Well in the case of blogging, I will say that the female bloggers are really trying and that is why I have made a compiled list of Female bloggers that you should start following either to boost your blog or business or maybe your product.

Female bloggersFemale bloggers

From research made by me and my team, we put together a list that you cannot forget after reading this article mainly because it concerns females. With the posting of cool fashions on their blog and good clothing, I bet you will always return so see what’s up.

Female bloggers

List of female bloggers that you should start following

Female bloggers

Katie Michelle, a 30-year-old from California, is a great female blogger that you start following after reading about her now. She own a lifestyle blog and her blog is so inspiring, funny thing is that she doesn’t really rank on google first page all the time but believe me she has very large number of followers and readers and also people who visit her blog daily. You should follow her right now and stand a chance to learn from her as well as gaining.


Female bloggers

Haven’t seen such a great female blogger as Ana Hoffman, whose site is about traffic generation, many people feel that the whole traffic generation stuff is for the guys that blog while the females just blog normally. Ana Hoffman is actually a god in blogging, and following her and her blog is going to be great.


Female bloggers

Lisa Irby is a pro-blogger when looking from the female angle and she has being making money from Adsense and affiliate marketing since 1998. This should give you enough reason to follow her. she has a strong ground in the blogging field.


My joy in chivieworld is for the fact that it has a very large audience that are engaged with the blog. you can get ideas or room designs, makeup ideas, fashion and a lot of things that will make you look good. the blog has quick purchase link for what ever you feel like ordering.


Amy Poterfield is a great social  media strategist filled with so much blog boosting and affiliate marketing secrets. so  following her up is really going to be fun because you stand the chance of learning those secrets that can take your blog to a new level.

Tip for female bloggers

Blog follow for follow is a blog booster





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