3 ways to make money online from YouTube in 2019.

YouTube is a very great platform to make money online. I have outlined 3 killer ways that you can make money from YouTube.

Firstly you’ll have to create a YouTube channel (No cash involved in doing this), to do this create a new Gmail account or you can use your existing Gmail. Then go to http://www.youtube.com and create your YouTube channel. Choose your channel name, category and what your videos will be about. After this, you have successfully created your YouTube channel.

Grow your YouTube traffic (video views)

Launch your first YouTube video (for a start), the goal is try to build your views though it’s not a day job but it can be done. Achieving this is the major key to making money online when you talk of YouTube. You can create an awareness scheme on Facebook, tell your friends about your new channel try some other promotions. This should bring you lots of views on your videos, therefore making it easy for you to have a lot of cash.

After successfully building your YouTube video views to about 10000-50000 views on individual post/video published, trust me you can now start making cool clean cash(cCc) which will make me dive in to the 3 killer ways to make money online from YouTube.

Make money online from YouTube (3 killer ways)

1. Make promotional videos for people/companies.

3 killer ways to make money online from YouTube

This method is not common, because of the fear of not been called by a company or anyone that will like you to help promote their products. Don’t have this fear because you can be lucky and start making your money. How do you go about this? After choosing your category, launching your first video and growing your views, you can start up with promoting a product that you don’t get paid for, or promote an app in Google play store, share your promotional videos let it reach a large number of audience, become very popular and you will start earning.

2. Promote advertising links in your video.

3 killer ways to make money online from YouTube

This is similar to the first but here you won’t necessarily talk about the link. All you need to do is to either put the link in your description or you make it hover in your video while it’s playing. This will eventually bring clicks to that link and in return, bring you cool cash.

3. Google Adsense.

3 killer ways to make money online from YouTube

You can also sign up with Adsense and help them Promote their adverts, if you bring clicks to their adverts, they are going to pay you 68% of how much the advertiser pay them. This is also a good way to earn from YouTube. To qualify, your video watch time or views should be above 10k views, this automatically qualifies you for applying unlike when you want to blog and apply for Adsense, this is quite complex.

These are the 3 killer ways to make money online from YouTube.

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